Uzzy's - THE discord server.

What makes us so special?

Simple Rules

We're tired of discord servers with too strict rules. Don't ear rape, do not cause unneccessary drama and you're good to go.

We run a few music BOTs. Get the 10 Star rank to control them. Or listen to Uzzy's great Music BOT. More information below.

Great Radio/Music Bots

Active text and voice chat

We're currently at over 1000 members. Join our active text and voice chats!

Active and social staff

Our staff team is always active in voice and text chat and is actively involved with YOU - the community!

Over 30 color roles available

Pick your favourie color and assign it to yourself. You can change the color any time.

Honestly, why do you need to donate to a discord server? No one can buy any permissions or fancy roles over here.

No donation bullshit



  • Radio stations ( HipHop 90s )
  • Several monthly giveaway, such as special roles and steam gift cards.
  • Over 40 self assignable colored roles
  • Everyone can suggest ideas, and we let the community vote for them!
  • Active text and voice chats.

HipHop 90's Music BOT


Do you love HipHop 90's? Then look no further - enjoy Uzzy's personal Music BOT with over 6000 hand picked songs (21 days of "playtime") for you to enjoy. This playlist was made over the course of years. Pure HipHop 90's - 24 hours a day! The BOT also shows you what song he's currently playing.

Events. Great Events.


We offer great events in our Discord server. We differ between Social Events, such as Cards against Humanity, Talent Events and Gaming Events, such as CS:GO, Fortnite, Killing Floor 2, Garry's Mod, Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Siege, PUBG and more!

Special Roles


Do you want to be tagged when we do a Game Event for a specific game? You can grab roles for the following games:

• ARK• Battlefield • Black Desert Online • Call of Duty • CS:GO • Dota 2• Fortnite • Garry's Mod • Killing Floor 2 • League of Legends • Overwatch • PAYDAY 2• PUBG • Rocket League • Rainbow 6 Siege • Team Fortress 2 • World of Warcraft •


Are you only interested in Social Events? Maybe only for Cards against Humanity (CaH), because it is a great social and fun game? Go ahead and grab the "Social Events" or "CaH" role!


A list of all roles can be found in the #roles-bot-info channel in the Discord server.